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The Fjords of Norway

I have been on the road now for a year. The Fjords of Norway together with the Himalayas take the cake. The amazing colour plays of the northern light in November is pure magic and send me into photographic bliss.… Read more

Taj Mahal

I wasn’t going to go. Seemed to touristy for my liking but I am glad I stopped by. Agra is terrible. Awful vibe so I only stayed overnight, checked out the Taj and was on my way.… Read more

Working Children of Nepal

In my few days in Nepal I have come cross what we classify as ‘Child Labour’ in the west. I hate labels. I think they don’t tell a story but pidgin hole matters into clearly defined preconceptions. … Read more

Gorkha, Nepal

Gorkha is about half way between Kathmandu to Pokhara. If you are riding a motor bike for the first time in Nepal I highly recommend a stop either at Gorkha or at Bandipur (which I love) on your way to Pokhara.… Read more