Arriving in Stockholm – Sweden

Arriving in Stockholm  – Sweden

Two days ago I decided to leave Berlin and keep moving. Since I always wanted to see the Northern Lights I decided on Sweden!! I hopped on and and presto.. an hour later I was all booked. 4 Days in Stockholm followed by 3+ days in Kiruna depending on the Weather. Not gonna fly all the way up there and spend all that money then not see any Northern Lights!!!

Unfortunately the weather forecast is for cloudy next week.. but I am keeping my fingers crossed and my thermals ready.. since it’s bloody cold up there!!!… -10 degrees celsius… sunrise at 8.09 and sunset at 14.35!!!! That’s only 6.20 hours of sunlight!!!!!

Weather Kiruna

Had a pleasant flight with Scandinavian Airline from Berlin chatting with a Canadian Army Lady.. it’s always weird when people tell me they are in the police force or army.. something about it makes me slightly uncomfortable.. don’t know why.

Arriving was super simple.. no customers no passport controls just like any local flight in Australia. Then I had the first price shocker. I bought the train ticket into town.. 260 Swedish Crowns.. or 29 Euro or 41 AUD..outch!!! Sure it was a high speed train and the airport is 40KM outside the city but $41AUD????!!!!….. I hope to find a cheaper option going back.


Next shocker, checking in at the Moosehad Hostel to  find myself in a room with NO WINDOW!!!.. shared bathroom and toilet and still 70 AUD or 54 Euros a night.. a cheap dinner and 2 beers in a pub.. 33 euros or 48 AUD. OK enough winging about the costs!!.. not all places can be cheap like Berlin.

my creepy hostel room!

my creepy hostel room!

First impressions.. today it was already dark my 4pm.. an hour after I arrived. So I haven’ t seen that much yet.. but the old city looks really nice and there are candles and christmas lights everywhere.. I am a bit of a sucker for that kind of thing so loving it!

Tomorrow i’ll start exploring so come back for some pictures!



this picture was taken at 4PM!!!

this picture was taken at 4PM!!!