Wow! Switzerland was a real culture shock for me after 6 months dusty dirty Nepal and India. I don’t think you can get much more of a contrast between Kathmandu and Zurich!!! It’s good to be in a western culture again. Even though I feel a little timid speaking German after not being in a German speaking country for 10 years! It feels strange.

Zurich is rich. Luxury cars everywhere, well dressed sophisticated people and prices that have me in a mild panic!!! If all of Europe is like this I can leave after 4 weeks back to Asia!! My hotel room was $170AUD a night.. Dinner starts at $25AUD, nothing really below that. My 4 days in Zurich cost me $800AUD, that would last me a month in India.

But I’m not complaining. Enjoying the cleanliness, language, lake, architecture, the long European summer evenings, the temperamental skies.. loving it! Love Europe! (photo above is Bern, Switzerland)


Transit lounge Kathmandu airport. A very young crowd.


The corridor of my hotel. So so… so…. EUROPEAN!

L1002350 L1002352

The moody European Skies… how I have missed them! Light is special here. Very different to Australia or Asia.


My hotel room. It’s like living in a picture!

L1002434 L1002450 L1002462

The irony! No upset stomach for six month!!! of travelling India and Nepal. I arrive in Switzerland and have this nasty nasty sausage!! After a mainly vegetarian diet for so long my system shut down! Sick for 2 days!


Zurich Lake. So quaint!


Yes we are in Switzerland! Things must be kept CLEAN!!!!


Beautiful Bern.

L1002513 L1002514 L1002515 L1002522


A German tradition.. Kaffee und Kuchen in the afternoon with Chris and Sigi!!! Yum Yum


Swiss don’t just make clocks! They reinvented the bed sheet also! Smart though. No banging heads on the ground for little critters in Switzerland!



Clean and Save!!! Every house needs a nuclear bunker or a contract for access to a neighbours nuclear bunker! No JOKE!


I spent 4 days in Zurich and a week in Bern with my deal old friend Sigrid. Then we jumped into her car for a good ole road trip to Italy.

L1002548 IMG_1778

L1002553 L1002564 L1002566Bye Bye Switzerland. Hello Italy!